Humerus Magnetic and SONAR Intramedullary Nail

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Model: HM1000

Remark: φ3.5/M3.5

Titanium   Alloys Product No. Dia. (mm) Length(mm) Titanium Alloys   Product No. Dia. (mm) Length(mm)
HM1000-1200 φ7 200 HM1002-1200 φ8 200
HM1000-1220 220 HM1002-1220 220
HM1000-1240 240 HM1002-1240 240
HM1000-1260 260 HM1002-1260 260
HM1000-1280 280 HM1002-1280 280
HM1001-1200 φ7.5 200 HM1002-1200 φ9 200
HM1001-1220 220 HM1002-1220 220
HM1001-1240 240 HM1002-1240 240
HM1001-1260 260 HM1002-1260 260
HM1001-1280 280 HM1002-1280 280


1. Used with special magnetic guide instrument.

2. Proximal of nail outward tilt avoid the articular surface.

3. The antegrade entry point is superior on the greater tuberosity near the articular surface. The retrograde entry point is a long round hole approx 2 to 3cm which is 1cm above the olecranon fossa. Stabely fixation need the fracture line 3cm far away from the entry point.

4. Need dynamic fixation, select the continue compression end cap.

                                                End Cap

Humerus Magnetic and SONAR Intramedullary Nail
Titanium Alloys Product No. Length(mm)
HM1000-1000 0
HM1000-1005 5
HM1000-1010 10
HM1000-1015 15
HM1000-1020 20
HM1000-1025 25


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