Tibia Magnetic and SONAR Intramedullary Nail

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Model: TM1000

Remark: Use φ4 / M4 in proximal hole. In distal hole uses φ5 / M5.

Titanium   Alloys Product No. Dia. (mm) Length(mm) Titanium Alloys   Product No. Dia. (mm) Length(mm)
TM1008-1260 φ8 260 TM1009-1320 φ9 320
TM1008-1280 280 TM1009-1330 330
TM1008-1300 300 TM1009-1340 340
TM1008-1320 320 TM1010-1260 φ10 260
TM1008-1330 330 TM1010-1280 280
TM1008-1340 340 TM1010-1300 300
TM1009-1260 φ9 260 TM1010-1320 320
TM1009-1280 280 TM1010-1330 330
TM1009-1300 300 TM1010-1340 340

1. Used with special magnetic guide instrument.

2. Proximal of nail outward tilt avoid the articular surface.

3. The entry point is posterior of tibia tubercle, donot close to the articular surface, because the patella will avoide drilling.

4. The four locking hole is parallel, donot injury the neurovascular

5. For delayed unions, remove the distal screws which are far from the fracture line.
                                          End Cap

Tibia Magnetic and SONAR Intramedullary Nail
Titanium   Alloys Product No. Length(mm)
TM1000-1000 0
TM1000-1005 5
TM1000-1010 10
TM1000-1015 15
TM1000-1020 20
TM1000-1025 25


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